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Alternative Process and Non-Digital Manipulation
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This is a community exclusively for alternative process photography and non-digitally manipulated photos. It is currently under construction, so if you have happened to come across this, feel free to join and post, but please be patient as I put the finishing touches on it.


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Photo_Organica is a community for lovers of alternative process photography and non-digitally manipulated photography. First and foremost, this community should be about sharing work and open honest critique. No matter what your skill level with any given technique, there's always more to learn, so whether you like or dislike an image it's always helpful to the artist if you explain why!

Community Guidelines:

    Images should be re-sized to 500 pixels
    Multiple image posts should have only one image showing, with consecutive images behind a cut
    Please give a heads up if your images contain nudity, and place them behind a cut
    Do not diasable comments on your posts